Really useful infographics on online marketing

This blog seems like a good place to keep lists for my reference. In fact list blog posts tend to make good reading as they’re short, bullet point style lends its self to a scanning eye with a short attention span (me). This then, is a post about online infographics I’ve found useful. There’s loads of these infographic posts out there but this is my selection of the thousands available. How Colours affect purchases: By Kiss Metrics This is ones of those online marketing infographics that actually helps you make decisions. In this case what colours to use for what sector and what mood they will create for a user online. Shipping options: One invaluable nugget of advice an ecommerce professional told me a while back was that “ecommerce is all about the logistics. You are a logistics business”. Basically meaning get your shipping options right if you want to keep hold of customers. This also extends to the un-boxing of your product and how important it is to put some thought into making your customer love you. Or at least come back and buy again… I think you can’t go wrong with it of shipping options if you keep them clear and easy to understand and apply to the shopping cart. Amazon ain’t a pretty website (in my opinion) but it’s usable and your order arrives on time and you’re kept informed. Depending on which sector you’re in however, you might have one delivery option as it works for your customer. In the luxury sector I’ve seen plenty of sites doing just that. Where there’s an expectation that the customer will wait or pay without choice. Tag Management: This has been a hot topic for a while and as it’s something I’m yet to implement it definitely belongs here. I’m yet to be convinced by a lot of the figures claiming huge decreases in page load times and therefore conversion rate, but what does make tag management a useful to me is the potential in attribution.